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Anne McEwan

Area -Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland ( able to travel throughout Scotland and North West England)

AnneOriginally from The Netherlands Anne has lived in the UK since 2001. Anne has been helping parents use slings safely and comfortably since early 2005, initially on a peer support basis and from 2008 as a trained babywearing consultant. In 2011 Anne worked as a trainer for a UK school delivering babywearing consultancy courses. Anne now provides sling hire and consultations through Wrap My Baby and peer support training through Born to Carry. Anne has a special interest in families where one or more members has special or additional needs and has extensive experience in this area.

Anne is one of the owers of Natural Mamas, the largest babywearing and natural parenting forum in the UK. Anne writes for Nurture Magazine an Australian parenting magazine about babywearing and has spoken and hosted workshops at national and international events ( Carrying Symposium 2014, Carry on London 2014, Gentle Parenting conference 2013) Anne also works for Connecta Baby Carrier as an in house babywearing consultant and for customer service.

Anne is one of the directors for The UP Project, a new initiative in the UK which works hard to provide access to carrying services to families who would benefit from this.

Anne is able to offer tailored training by special request. This includes : Back carrying workshops for professionals, Special and additional needs carrying and Safety in language and action.

You can read more about Anne on her personal website

Rosie Knowles

Area – South Yorkshire ( able to travel to Midlands)

RosieRosie is a mum of two, a GP, and a passionate advocate of babywearing and education. She founded one of her local sling meets in Sheffield with some friends in 2012 and it has been wonderful to watch parents spread the word about sling use far and wide across the area. The growing need for good advice locally promptedRosie to broaden and deepen her knowledge about baby carriers, and soon afterwards she began the first of many babywearing consultancy courses and is registered with the British Association of Babywearing Instructors.

She runs the Sheffield Sling Surgery, a consultancy and sling library service, and the associated online Virtual Sling Surgery, supporting parents from bump to preschool and beyond. She is always keen to learn more from the people she meets and from fellow professionals.
Alongside the Surgery, which helps hundreds of families a month, Rosie trains babywearing peer supporters through the Born to Carry initiative. She firmly believes that education is the key to changing the prevailing attitudes in society, and is committed to empowering and encouraging parents to be the agents of such change.
She is the in-house consultant for Slumber-Roo, and has an educational and writing role with Oscha Slings. She is the resident GP for Gentle Parenting UK, and runs the Sling Pages website with two other professionals. She is involved with the UP Project, producing high quality training material for the consultants working with families in need. She loves writing, and produces lots of articles about safe and comfortable sling use for several websites and publications.
You can read more about Rosie on her personal website:
Sophie Messager

Area -Cambridge and surrounding villages (able to travel throughout Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, and London)

View More: is French and has been living in the UK since 1997. She lives in Trumpington, just outside Cambridge, with her husband and 2 children (born in 2006 and 2009). She has a PhD in biology, and spent 20 years working as a biology research scientist in the academic and industry sector. She has always been passionate about her work, and following the birth of her children, her passion shifted towards supporting parents in the journey to parenthood. She left her scientific career at the end of 2012 to be able to concentrate fully on her new vocation.

Sophie has been helping parents carry her children since 2008, first informally as a peer supporter, then as a trained consultant. She trained with three different babywearing schools (Clauwi (2010), Tragechule UK (2011) and Slingababy (2014). She has been running a slingmeet drop-in and offering private babywearing consultations and small group workshops since 2010, and peer supporter courses since 2012.

Sophie is a also birth and postnatal doula, and an NCT antenatal teacher. She loves working with expectant and new parents, and feels very privileged to be supporting them at such an important time in their life. She aims to provide parents with informational, emotional, and practical support so that they feel empowered to make the decisions that are right for them and their family.

You can read more about Sophie on her website


 Becky DerhamBecky is a Born to Carry trainer based in East London and covering Greater London.

Becky is a mum-of-one who began working as a sling consultant in 2011, and has trained with Trageschule UK (to Certification level), Je Porte Mon Bebe and Slingababy. She opened the North London Sling Library in 2012 and is also Director of Slinging London CIC, a not for profit social enterprise whose aim is to support parents and caregivers in London to carry their children in slings.

Becky is an accredited trainer, and regularly delivers training on women’s mental health and disability inclusion as part of her day job working for a mental health charity. She’s also a qualified breastfeeding peer supporter. She has a good understanding of the needs of sling libraries and the voluntary sector in particular, and is always happy to adapt courses to suit the needs of the participants.

Becky usually co-trains with Azizah Attard – together they are able to cater to larger groups, both at their regular open courses in North and East London, or at your home or workplace. Details of their open courses are posted on the Born to Carry Facebook page as well as their calendar.

Please get in touch on if you would like to discuss arranging a course.

Melissa Cyrille
Suffolk Area
Rachel Coy
North East England
View More: Coy is a mum of two and the founder of The North East Sling Library and an extremely well trained babywearing consultant. Rachel lives in the beautiful Durham City and is able to provide courses across the North of England, Boarders, and the East Midlands. She has trained with several UK babywearing schools and has been a baby wearing educator for since 2011; running a successful and large sling library, consultancy and workshops. In addition to Rachel’s babywearing qualifications she is a qualified teacher and brings her teaching skills and expertise to provide hands on, active and well planned courses.

She has carried both her boys, as well as godson, friends’ children and her nephew, and is determined that all parents should have the ability to access quality advice and training. Her youngest child suffered from severe reflux and breathing issues as a young baby and carrying him was the only way she coped while also needing to care for her eldest son.

In addition to providing training courses for Born to Carry, Rachel is also a director of The UP Project, Calin Bleu Slings babywearing consultant, directory manager for the UK Sling Libraries Network and a Boba Ambassador. She also acts as a moderator and blogger for Natural Mamas.

You can read more about Rachel by visiting

Jess Hippey

Area: Aberdeen City and Shire, Scotland. (Able to travel throughout Scotland)

Originally from England, Jess has lived in Scotland since 2005. As a mum to two boys who both had severe reflux, Jess found carrying to be the only thing that soothed. She saw a need for parents to be able to try carriers on in person, not just at group sessions, but in the comfort of a home – and so Close and Calm was born. Jess trained first as a consultant with the School of Babywearing (2016), then did a Born to Carry peer supporter course with Anne McEwan (2016), and most recently attended the Slingababy Consultancy Course (2017) too.

Jess, via Close and Calm, offers private consultations, baby carrier drop in sessions, postal hires, online support and peer supporter training through Born To Carry. She has also worked locally with her MSP and the NHS, in light of the new Baby Boxes that parents in Scotland will be receiving. Jess writes for the Close Enough to Kiss Babywearing Magazine, for Oscha Slings and her own website. Jess occasionally works as a consultant for Oscha Slings, demonstrating their wraps and carriers to customers at events.

Jess also runs an UP Project Local Library ‘Carriers without Barriers’ ensuring that all families can access a carrier and has worked with Social Services to implement this scheme.

As well as being a Baby Carrying Educator, Jess is passionate about seeing families getting the support and encouragement they need, and works hard in her community to help create that support, running a Parent and Baby Group, offering a Supported Space service and being involved with a local social action charity supporting her City.

Jess is able to offer tailored training by request, and has a particular interest in training nurseries, childminders and local healthcare practitioners. 

You can read more about Jess on her website:

Roamy Hunt

Area: based in beautiful Hampshire and covering pretty much the whole of the South of England; from Cornwall to Kent, from Bristol to Essex.  Courses are generally run at weekends.

Roamy is an experienced Baby Carrying Consultant and Educator.  She runs South East Slings, which was established in July 2011 as Eastbourne Sling Library, later became East Sussex Slings and then, due to relocation, South East Slings.  Roamy is mother to two small boys (born in 2009 and 2011) and started using baby carriers when her eldest was 6 months old.  

Roamy has trained as a Baby Carrying Consultant with both School of Babywearing and Slingababy. She also has a ‘Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector’ Qualification – aimed specifically at teaching adults – and has been teaching adults since 2001.    In addition to her own business, Roamy works closely alongside a number of large retailers and manufacturers; providing training for their staff and as a Consultant for their products and services.  She has a popular YouTube Channel, featuring troubleshooting tips for a wide range of baby carrier questions and issues.

Roamy is passionate about enabling others to support parents with sound, safe, clear information; leaving the parents feeling confident and empowered about carrying their child.

The primary aims of Roamy’s Born To Carry training courses are:

• Demonstrate empathy and tact when discussing carriers and babywearing with others

• Distinguish between whether a carrier is being used ‘sub-optimally’ or ‘unsafely’

• Identify what constitutes a ‘safe’ carry for different ages of child

• Describe the role of a Peer Supporter and it’s limitations/when to refer to a Consultant/Health Care Practitioner

The courses are lots of fun and a great way to meet other enthusiastic babywearers!

You can find out more about Roamy’s courses on her website here .